RBG-ATL stands as a resource intentionally working to expand and mobilize an inclusive, intergenerational, and diverse black bike community. RGB-ATL takes ownership of transforming the physical and mental wellness, economic sustainability and environmental wellness of its own communities.

community statement

RBG-ATL strives to cultivate a space where Black cyclists and would be cyclists can gather, socialize and ride. Our goal is to work within the communities we are most familiar with in order to make the most positive impact.

Community FAQS

Why is RBG-ATL for members of the Black community?

RBGs exclusivity is not born out of malice but rather out of an understanding that positive change in the Black community is most effective when representative of the diverse voices, cultures, experiences and dreams of Black people. Our exclusivity allows us to address issues both unique to and reflective of the Black community. Our "for us by us" viewpoint is an avenue by which we uplift and bring more Black folks to the world of cycling, health and economic empowerment

What is RBG-ATL's stance on community?:

We are all part of communities both large and small however when RBG-ATL speaks of community we are referring to the Black community. We are inclusive of ALL members of the Black community.

Who can ride with RBG-ATL?:

Anyone that self-identifies as Black may ride with us on our "Community Rides". Other folks are welcome to join us on other rides, events and shenanigans and can support our efforts as allies.

How can non-Blacks support RBG-ATL's efforts?:

  • Showing up to an open RBG-ATL event like our b-day rides, bike tours and bike socials

  • Spreading the word through your networks

  • Making a contribution to RBG-ATL financially or in-kind

  • Buying RBG-ATL merchandise

  • Riding bikes and being awesome


Health: African Americans have the highest prevalence rates for many chronic diseases, largely due to lack of healthy foods and exercise. Biking is an intergenerational form of recreation where we can improve physical health as well as improve our mental and communal health while enjoying the company of our people.

Three Point Plan: Economics

Economics: (1) As African Americans we experience many economic hardships. Riding bicycles instead of driving cars saves us valuable money that we can use towards our present realities and bright futures. (2) RBG-ATL promotes the patronage of Black business. Advertising and partnering with Black businesses on our rides is our strategy to support and praise the important services that sustain our community.


Environment:  African American communities bear the brunt of too many environmental injustices (e.g. asthma due to high prevalence of carcinogens). Biking provides us the power to reduce the carcinogens we produce as we continue advocating against environmental racism at institutional levels.



core members



Zahra—mother, organizer, creative and wanderer— is the co-founder of RBG-ATL. She sees biking as a tool for communal and individual transformation.

Zahra utilizes outdoor adventure, growing food, yoga(ing) and being a creative as the root of her community organizing efforts to enhance physical
and mental wellness, economic vitality and environmental stewardship.

Zahra on her bike is an act of love and resistance. 



Nigel is an Atlanta-area movement-worker that has designed and conducted historical bicycle tours with Civil Bikes and the Atlanta Beltline Partnership.



Ken hails from the best small city in the world, Hillsborough, North Carolina. Now in Atlanta, he has taken to the street his enthusiasm for biking.

Discovering RBG-ATL in 2013, Ken has become a natural leader within the biking community. You will find him not only rolling with RBG-ATL, but also with other bike groups in Atlanta. Ken is the crank behind RBG-ATL's Flight Club;  a weekly "fast & far" ride through the city.

Ken is the bike ninja everyone loves. 



With speakers blasting your favorite songs from her cycling pack, you're likely to hear Leslie before you see her. She is the newest core member to RBG-ATL and a member since 2015. 

The bike collector-- four and counting-- bikes to reconnect with her community and youth. 

Outside of RBG-ATL, Leslie supports her community by sharing her design passion, talent, and skill throughout Atlanta's activist & social justice communities.



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