RBG-ATL's Bike season has been on and poppin! Bikerversay was a blast, Bikes and Balls got our cardio game up and melanin glowing. 

June gon be even better. Come thru and see what all the talk is about during this months Community Ride | Black2Nature.

Black2Nature will take you back to nature. see some of the secret outdoor spaces right in our backyards. 

The weather finna be SWEET. 
Your bike gon be on FLEEK.
and we gon get you a little dirty and very sweaty

Bring your friends friends and yo' mama and cuzin too. 

The Ride | West End Marta Station
11:00 am | Meet up and ABCQ Check.
Check your air, brakes, cranks/chains and quick release

12:00pm | We roll out for our monthly Community Ride. Stopping and supporting a few local Black owned business and artist

The Community Rides are more than just a ride, they are an experience. Along the journey you can expect scenic routes, to meet new people, build community, engaging with Black business, explore and learn about historic neighborhoods, have fun, sweat a little or a lot, and so much more. In participating in a the Community Ride please note to you will be enjoying your bike, community and the wonderful Atlanta for a few hours.

Beginners, veterans, causal riders, families and everyone in between are welcome and encouraged to come.

WHAT TO BRING (not required):
-ID, cell phone (for safety purposes)
-bike lock

If you have any of the following items (and don’t mind sharing with the community) please bring:

- Patch Kit
- Frame Pump
- Spare Tubes